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Carlingford Activities

Activities in Carlingford Louth
We can help you plan your  Activities in Carlingford Louth. These activities are perfect for any occasion!

Cocktail Parties
One of out specials in Taaffes is cocktil parties for hens at the start of their night out.
Hens get to join in some of the making and possibly gain experience at making cocktails.
Hens get two cocktails each and free entry into the Disco Bar that night. The cost is 20 euro a head.

Another one of our hen specials is dancing classes.
These take place in the night club bfore the bar opens.
As part of the deal hens also get free entry into the nightclub.
The cost is 15 euro a head. Please note that numbers are limited so make sure to inquire.

Still Drawing
For hens who want to start of with a quiet evening still drawing is the one for them. With out proffessional artist leading the way and showing the class the basics. Prices start at 10 euro a head.

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